Artist, graduated from the Fine Arts Academy, has earned several national and international awards as a sculptor as In 2007, the 1st "Art and Olympism". He has represented Mexico in the International Artistic Competition in Lausanne, Switzerland, to be issued artworks acquired a special award and was recognized as one of the 5 best, it was exhibited in the Olympic Games in Bejing, China. In 2012, his sculpture was chosen "With the heart", to participate in the "International Sculptors and Graphic Art Competition" in London. She received a special international award as one of the 5 best sculptures.

Mr. Luna's work is based on Sigmund Freud's species. These provide that the person attacked or feels threatened by others. It can lead to violent persecution mad cows or frustrations as cruelty others or yourself can impact against. It can cause extreme violence against the perpetrator or the victim and expose up to zero or to nothing. Therefore gesturing in Lunas works is so grotesque; they call on the senses and passions, when this drive is revealed.